Overpromised. Overhyped. Under delivered.
If this is your experience with products for your generation, it’s time for Clean Start.
The result is a system of products just for your needs – whether you struggle with oiliness, sensitivity, breakouts, or just constantly changing skin!
While this brand delivers all the things you love about Dermalogica (no artificial fragrances or colours, no mineral oil or S.D. alcohol, and no over-blown hype!), it stands on its own to address specific changes in skin during teen and young adult years.
This easy-to-use brand is an easy addition to any routine morning and night. The eight dual-action products help get skin clean, take on issues, and protect skin. You can trust Clean Start by Dermalogica to do good things for your skin with refreshing ingredients that feel and smell great!
Who is Clean Start for?
Pre-teens, teens, and young adults can use Clean Start as part of their skin health regimen.
What makes Clean Start different?
Clean Start is not designed simply for the treatment of breakouts and acne. Clean Start is designed to help bring skin into balance by getting skin clean, taking on issues, and protecting for better-looking skin.
Come into the salon and ask one of our therapists more about Clean Start and see if this range is suitable for you or someone you know.