We understand that for many men a session at the beauty salon is their idea of hell.

Here at Absolute Beauty this is not an intimidating experience as we use our experience and professional skills to make you feel at home in what is widely known as a woman’s domain.

Our most popular male treatments are massage, waxing and facials. However, most our treatments are suitable for men and women, so please also browse the other sections of the site and feel free to enquire about any treatments you see listed. Below are some of our men-only treatments.

Dermalogica ProSkin 60

Using the Dermalogica Shave product range this treatment will focus on the male skin and treats problems areas such as dryness and in-growing hairs.

60mins £43


ProSkin 30, Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage and male manicure.

90mins £70

Male Manicure

Maintaining well-groomed hands and nails can be a real challenge. Tired hands often look unkempt. This therapeutic manicure give skin a smoother texture and keeps hands groomed.

30mins £17

Male Pedicure

The Absolute pedicure will leave your feet feeling refreshed and revitalised. The ultimate grooming and de-stressing treatment for your feet.

45mins £30
Brow Maintenance £11
Back Wax £25
Chest Wax £25
Smooth Operator (Back & Chest wax) £45