OPI offer award-winning nail care products that no woman should be without.

OPI nail polish is the choice of Hollywood’s A-listers and even if you’ve never walked the red carpet, OPI will make you look as if you have.

At OPI, professional nail care is both an art and a science. OPI boasts unprecedented research facilities and an array of products used in over 100 countries worldwide!

From snazzy nail art innovations and contemporary colours, to clinically proven base coats, topcoats and strengtheners, OPI’s dynamic range will not only beautify, but also fortify your nails with salon-style results.

A firm OPI favourite is Nail Envy: a natural nail strengthener. Its special formula helps thin, weak or damaged nails grow longer and stronger. Also at the heart of the OPI experience is Avoplex – a selection of treatments that replenish essential moisture in the cuticles and sensitive skin on fingertips and toes.

Used together, Nail Envy and Avoplex work hard to protect and condition your nails, leaving them perfectly prepared for a huge choice of OPI colours!

From neutral or earthy tones to bronzes, oranges, burgundies, pinks and purples – choose the shade to suit your mood or outfit.

Experiment with new colours and two-tone effects or revisit some classic, definitive hues: all OPI polishes are chip-resistant, long-lasting and quick-drying for a maximum gloss shine.